2024 Soil & Nutrition Conference: “The State of Nutrient Density”

For more than 15 years, the Bionutrient Association (BFA) has been working to organize a global movement around increasing quality in the food supply. After first creating a word, Nutrient Density, to refer to the variation in food quality and coming to understand how to work with nature to increase it, we started working with growers to implement practices.

BFA have traveled the world, met the most amazing of people, and helped to spawn a movement. The 11th Soil & Nutrition Conference is an opportunity for you to meet a selection of those we see at the forefront. From growers to agronomists to researchers, CEO’s, certifiers, nutritionists, advocates, and friends. This is a global conversation, and the presenters represent that.

The BFA is a membership organisation that seeks to support depth of understanding and community through their annual Soil & Nutrition Conference, courses and on-farm consultation. Learn more about its founder Dan Kittredge and how to become a member of this vibrant community here.

As awareness spreads about the importance of Nutrient Density, and the research continues to develop, BFA is focusing this entire conference on “The State of Nutrient Density”. The research, the best practices for producing it, the labs and tools for assessing it, labels and certifications that are coming forward and more! Their last conference had attendees from 47 US states and 43 countries from around the world.

Dan Kittredge kicked off the 11th Soil & Nutrition Conference on May 14th.

On May 28th, Mark Frederiks of Amped contributed to the conference as a speaker, on mass participation and limitless collaboration for healing the earth and the human spirit!

Amped & BFA share many goals in the food transition and in early 2023 they started working together more closely.

Are you active in nutrition and the transition of our food system? Then consider joining this worldwide conversation, thriving movement and community!

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