Meeting ‘Greenhouse horticulture and a regional, regenerative food system’

“Parties that can come up with these solutions will be the winners of the future.” A quote from Prince Carlos de Bourbon de Parme of Compazz Foundation, referring to the connections between greenhouse farming to regional food systems.

On this issue – how to establish this connection – Greenport West-Holland, in cooperation with Amped and Local2Local, organized a meeting for greenhouse entrepreneurs, researchers, regional governments and regional food pioneers.

The trend of regionalization of food seems to be a permanent one. For greenhouse horticulture, this means reconnecting with the city through food and embracing social value and relevance – think preventative health and sustainability.

Greenport West-Holland, through action agenda Health and Happiness (Natasja van der Lely) and transition program Circular Metropolis (Else Boutkan), will continue to flesh this out, also in collaboration with organizations such as Amped and Compazz Foundation.

Local experiments with healthcare institutions, schools and food in large companies and institutions, joining City Deals and prevention agreements, and expeditions to, for example, the rollout of such a regional food system in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area by Amped.

With entrepreneurship and innovativeness, greenhouse horticulture can play an essential role in this.

Watch the video below (produced by Amped) what the participants had to say about connecting greenhouse horticulture to regional food systems.

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