Amped develops market propositions for Carbon Grass

Miscanthus. You may know it better as elephant grass. Miscanthus originates from Asia. It is an impressive crop that grows to a height of 3.5 to 4 meters after only a few years. It contains a lot of fiber, stores a large amount of CO₂ and has a long lifespan. It is not used for food, but has many other uses. The fibers consist of cellulose and lignin, very valuable for various markets.

Elephant grass is a multipurpose crop and thus can be used for many purposes, including bio-concrete, asphalt, energy, mulch, stable bedding, paper and bioplastics. It can also remove PFAS and other contaminants from soil, and prepare common land for organic cultivation. It is a sustainable way to make extra money on plantings.

Carbon Grass is an initiative of Elothis Europe. Elothis requested Amped to help with concept development, strategy, design and project support for the market proposition of miscanthus as a biofuel (stove pellets) and building material. The second development path consists of process support and implementation of blockchain technology for Carbon Grass.

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