A just transition to robust, regional and regenerative food systems

Project domains

Our approach: we collaborate within the business innovation ecosystem towards robust, regional and regenerative food systems, bottom-up and top-down. We build cooperation through phases and levels, interconnected.

Coordination & Governance

Coordinate and harmonize all individual and collective system-building efforts, combine forces, acquire and deploy resources efficiently. For this coordination, we work together on the governance of the transition to a sustainable food system, by system orchestration, creating a shared vision, defining common goals, standardization of processes, a platform for open innovation, thinking in system-building roles, a writing office, and creating transparency.

Research & Innovation

Developing, testing and optimizing innovations and complementary products and services; testing new innovations, applications and markets, Short Food Chain knowledge development, reciprocal knowledge exchange, development of commercially viable products, co-creation of products and services, and feedback loops with user groups.

Socio-cultural Change

Developing social innovations that stimulate the change of norms and values to support the transition to sustainable and local consumption. We stimulate these changes by creating new facilitating organizations, establishing collaboration-prone organizational cultures, changing user behaviour, changing education, and realizing a student pool of skilled talents.

Market Creation

Creating markets for our innovations; raising user awareness and demand, generate new business models, creation of temporarily protected niche markets, cooperation with government to guide legislation, collaborative marketing to raise user awareness and support behavioural change, collaborative competition with other innovation clusters and with the current regime.