First pickup of lots of fresh produce at Operation Food Freedom Gein in Amsterdam-Zuidoost

Last Wednesday (April 24th), Annet van Hoorn opened the doors of Operation Food Freedom Gein in Amsterdam-Zuidoost for the first distribution of vegetables, fruits and eggs to people from the neighbourhood, directly from farmers in the region.

The pallet of fresh produce was first sorted by Annet, Hannah and volunteers from the neighborhood and from 17:00 on customers stopped by to pick up their orders for the very first time.

Operation Food Freedom
Operation Food Freedom means lots of fresh food for little, direct from farmers in the Flevopolder, Amsterdam’s ‘backyard’.

Subscribe to fresh vegetables, fruits and eggs at a fair price of €17,50 per week. About 7.5 kg, that’s good for 2-3 people.

  • Subscribe for 4 weekly deliveries each time and pay in advance;
  • The opportunity to gift a package to a household with a small wallet;
  • Help farmers become more sustainable;
  • Visit for more information and to order.

Operation Food Freedom Gein is open every Wednesday from 5:00-7:00 pm. Do you live in the area and want to join as well? You can start a 4-week subscription every week, subscribe no later than a week before the starting date, every Thursday before 10:00am.

The location is Buurthub de Ster (the former elementary school), Woudrichemstraat 8, 1107 NG Amsterdam.

Order your package at, and in your shopping basket (step 2) choose ‘OFF Gein’ as pickup point. Any questions? Please send Annet an e-mail.

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