AMPED initiates and develops business innovation ecosystems, partnerships, collaborations and projects, all aimed at a common goal: the rollout of robust, regional and regenerative food systems. 



Amped values the abundance of farmer collectives and activities, but also their chains of trust. This is instrumental for the activation in the rollout processes.


Amped has built long standing strategic partnerships and programs with both universities and student communities. The food transition can’t happen without activating and enabling the next generation of change makers.

Business, markets & funding

One of the building blocks of our regional food strategy is identifying, supporting, collaborating with and growing business innovation ecosystems, with Government, Education and Healthcare as the main markets. This has even more potential with the application of Blended Finance.




Amped developed a proven, scalable e-commerce platform for Short Food Supply Chains (SFSC), ready to service 7 archetypes of food chains and available as white label.

Web applications

Our proprietary web applications service the food market needs in e-commerce, matchmaking, surveys, reversed marketplaces, crowdfunding, circularity and e-learning.

Data & Blockchain-as-a-service

Data management and blockchain-as-a-service (Unisot) is integral to the SFSC-platform, both from the soil to the customer and from the customer back to the soil, allowing total transparency and compliance, and real valuation of the food chain.




The four phases of the regional food strategy (rollout) are supported by a roadmap which constantly and iteratively grows, in line with the development of the business innovation ecosystem (community) and the area-based approach.

Business Innovation

The rollout process entails both a bottom-up and top-down approach, involving farmer collectives, the business community, institutions and transparent governance.

GAIN Transition Model

Key to the rollout process is GAIN, a gamification model  that enables and dynamises collaboration, innovation and governance.