Vital Food

After four successful and inspiring meetings, much has already been achieved within the networks around vital soils, plants, animals, life-sustaining food and people in realising regional, regenerative food systems.

We invited networks to join and on 4 November 2022 we presented a plan of action for what lies ahead. We told the story of the Vital Food Community, combined with international speakers:

  • Dan Kittredge (Bionutrient Association)
  • John D. Lui (documentary filmmaker/ ecosystem recovery camps)
  • Rineke Dijkinga (Heerlijk Westerwolds Land / naturopathic and orthomolecular therapist). In her lecture, she calls your attention to the analogy between the health of the earth’s soil and our own ‘soil’, namely our intestines. Literally and figuratively, the earth’s soil and our intestines form the soil beneath our existence. Every day, we can make an essential contribution to the readiness of both soils.

We showed what we stand for and what we are capable of. In a short time and without external funding, we were able to build an inspiring community and put down our ambition.

What followed was an afternoon of stimulating workshops on both scientific and experiential knowledge:

  • Vital soil and plants – Anton Nigten, Roelf Havinga and Ruud Hendriks (Dutch & English)
  • Vital food and quantum agriculture – Henk Kieft, Marijke Kuipers and Stef Freriks (Dutch & English)
  • Vital food and measurement methods – Marjon Wijdeven, Frank Silvis and Roelant de Vletter (Dutch)
  • Vital food and health – Gaston Remmers, Annemieke Grimbergen and Kees Anker (Dutch). In this workshop, we explore the relationship between vital food and health. Natural nutritionist Annemieke Grimbergen explains what food does to our bodies. Gaston Remmers talks about citizen science in relation to food. As everyone is an expert by experience, we would like to hear participants’ opinions and ideas.

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