Bionutrient Food Association and AMPED in strategic partnership for EU collaboration

AMPED, a leading innovation company in the transition of the global food system towards regional food systems, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with the Bionutrient Food Association, a non-profit organization on a mission to build a nutrient-dense food system.

Dan Kittredge, an organic farmer for more than 30 years, is the founder and executive director of the Bionutrient Food Association, with a network of over 30.000 farmers, and  the inventor of the Bionutrient Meter. Dan Kittredge is known as one of the leading proponents of ‘nutrient density’ and works to demonstrate the link between soil health, plant health and human health.

The Bionutrient Meter is a portable spectrometer, used to directly measure nutrient density in food and crops, as well as carbon in soil. It was made possible by the Bionutrient Institute laboratory in Massachusetts. The instrument functions as a keystone to enable new business models based on transparency, carbon storage and nutritional values.

Mark Frederiks, Managing Director of Amped: “In early November 2022 Dan Kittredge was one of the key speakers at our Vital Food Community Event in Amsterdam. From there we explored our shared values and goals.”

“Amped and Local2Local have been working hard to foster and build regional, regenerative food systems and to gather evidence for its societal and economic benefits. Dan’s mission and the Bionutrient Meter are a perfect match with AMPED’s development of learning (regional) ecosystems in food, in the transition to regenerative and resilient agriculture.”

Dan Kittredge: “We are trying to achieve three things. One is to create a portable meter, the ‘Bionutrient Meter’, which you can use at the point of purchase or anywhere. All you have to do is flash a light and read the actual nutrient content of food. The second is to find out what nutrient density is, what quality is. The third is to find out what causes it. We document all this and ultimately our hypothesis is that food quality can be an approach to all these facets and become an economic lever.”

“We use economic principles to incentivise farmers and facilitate that rapid global transformation to a more balanced climate and culture. The fastest potential means of initiating this transition to more regenerative approaches, more farms and more regenerating land is a focus on quality. Part of that is paying our farmers who grow quality food and bringing the rest into that process. It will be more economically beneficial to focus on quality.”

Bionutrient Food Association Europe
AMPED will be the Bionutrient Food Association’s representative organization and the main sales point of the Bionutrient Meter in Europe. The Bionutrient Meter offers a unique view on the future of food from the perspective of regenerative agriculture, technology and data. This important tool functions as a keystone to enable new revenue models based on transparency, carbon storage and nutritional values.

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