EU4Advice Cross-Living Lab visit – July 1-3 2024

From July 1-3, Amped will host the EU4Advice Cross-Living Lab visit. The Living Lab of Central Europe is managed in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA) by Amped in collaboration with AMS Institute, Province of Flevoland and Wageningen University. Professionals from the four EU4Advice living labs will come together to share insights and successes and tackle challenges:

  • Juanita Devis from AMS Institute will start with a social activity designed to foster meaningful connections and insightful discussions about the diverse experiences in our Living Labs.
  • Mark Frederiks from AMPED will lead an interactive workshop on the GAIN Transition Model, focusing on onboarding journeys, dynamization strategy, and essential rules and principles.
  • Redouan Boussaid will showcase an initiative connecting farmers, entrepreneurs, and citizens to promote local food in neighbourhoods and foster regional collaboration.
  • Arun Swami Persaud will highlight the blend of cross-cultural urban agriculture, where city and countryside converge to enhance sustainability.
  • Mark Frederiks will take us back in time, illustrating how systemic solutions harnessing nature’s power protected our cities and food production.
  • Jacqueline Broerse from VU Amsterdam Athena Institute will present the vital role of Living Labs in EU programming and share insights from the FoodClicEU4Advice collaboration.
  • Katherine Flynn from Iseki will discuss e-learning, training, and gamification strategies to enhance onboarding journeys and connect projects.
  • Reflecting with Experts and Policy Makers: A panel of experts, including Dennis Kerkhoven, Juliane Kürschner, Arnold van der Valk, Baiba Prūse and others, will reflect on the necessary structures, processes and functions to unlock Living Labs’ potential.
  • Co-Creation and Governance: The final session, facilitated by Juanita Devis from AMS Institute, will focus on co-creating solutions based on governance cases from each Living Lab, exploring how to scale, resource, organise, and integrate knowledge effectively.

The cross-living lab visit is setup as a game to align cross-pollination and co-creation between living labs, bases on the GAIN Transition Model.

On the first day, ‘Game Tutorial’, we will be focussing on the learning and applying the rules of the game, regarding the process of dynamization and co-creation between policy makers and advisors in the context of their own living lab.

The second day, ‘Playing the Game’, we will explore the pollination and co-creation between living labs through the gamified process of dynamization of the policy makers and advisors across the living labs.

On the third day, ‘Scale the Game’, we will focus on what is needed from the European Commission and stakeholders to effectively orchestrate the collaboration on the EU-level.

Stay tuned to know how the cross-Living Lab visit went, we will keep you posted!

About EU4Advice (2022-2027)
The Horizon Europe project EU4Advice was officially kicked off on October 6-7 2022, hosted at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam and The Natural Pavilion at Floriade Expo 2022 in Almere.

EU4Advice is a combination of the top Horizon Europe-projects, aligned into a thematic network approach, and integrating the GAIN Transition model as a strategy framework. Amped is responsible for building a learning ecosystem of Short Food Supply Chain (SFSC) advisory and expert networks through GAIN.  

The Living Lab of Central Europe is managed in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA) by Amped in collaboration with AMS Institute, Province of Flevoland and Wageningen University.

Amped has been involved in activating a broad range of partners from different sectors, with the common goal of creating a robust, regional and regenerative food system in the AMA. Through the EU4Advice framework and as Living Lab manager, Amped aims at further connecting these partners, and the knowledge and experience created, with the other living labs, to foster a multi-level learning approach.

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