In Residence Open Events 2024: Operation Food Freedom Amsterdam

Amped is participating in the first edition of the In Residence Open Events program with the Operation Food Freedom project, in partnership with Local2Local. With this program, the City of Amsterdam, together with event organizers such as Le Champion, Stichting Het Vrije Westen, Stichting Pride Amsterdam and the Grachtenfestival, is looking for innovations with impact for events and the city. The entrepreneurs are supported by guidance, test budget and work together with organizers and officials of the Municipality of Amsterdam.

After the application and selection process, the program kicked off on April 19th, and all the entrepreneurs presented their innovations and we got to know each other and the coaches better: Slinger, Broodje Poep, Stichting Mensenkenners, STREET-STUFF!, LaLa Foundation, Art for Impact, Rubbish Reusables and Close.

To make the city more sustainable, the municipality is using open events as test environments to experiment with the innovations. After all, open events are like society in miniature. For example, they are responsible for arranging facilities for water, safety, food, waste and sanitation. And with that comes major sustainability and recycling challenges. Challenges that correspond to a city like Amsterdam. Therefore, they offer an interesting testing ground for innovation. 

Operation Food Freedom
With In Residence Operation Food Freedom gets help to strengthen its existing two food hubs in Zeeburgereiland and Gein, connect with relevant food movements in the area and start a new hub in the district of Zuidoost.

We’re very happy with the opportunities In Residence offers to help grow the existing grassroots food movement in Amsterdam and to have great stages to share what we have to offer!

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