Operation Food Freedom Zeeburgereiland: lots of fresh for little…and bonding with the neighborhood

In January, Nanouk de Jong of The Baaibuurt Collective in Zeeburgereiland in Amsterdam began recruiting customers in her neighbourhood in order to start an Operation Food Freedom outlet.

Last week Nanouk reached more than the minimum number of participants needed and now OFF Zeeburgereiland is a reality!

Nanouk: “I live in the beautiful Baaibuurt on Zeeburgereiland: a biodiverse urban oasis. As a member of the Baaibuurt Collective, I strive for a future that is regenerative: where life thrives, ecology is healthy and the food web is in balance.

Our food forms our most intimate connection to nature; neighborhood gardens are a popular way to restore that connection. Here we are learning what it means to provide our own food, and that is not easy.

That’s why we are working with Operation Food Freedom to establish a direct relationship with Dutch farmers in the area. In this way, our collective provides a local food supply for the island and surrounding neighborhoods and makes healthy fresh food accessible to our neighborhood.”

Operation Food Freedom Zeeburgereiland started the first distribution on Wednesday, February 14, from 5:00-7:00 pm.

“The first week we kicked off with delicious sweet potatoes (the farmers’ ‘Farmer’s Choice’ surprise), Brussels sprouts, pak choi, pointed cabbage, turnips, (full ground) purple carrots, yellow onions, Conference pears, Elstar apples and 10 polder eggs, more than enough for a week for two people. Oh, and the farmers had also included a tray of couscous salad for each customer, very nice! Starting every Thursday, the contents of the next package will be on the home page.”

The announcement of Operation Food Freedom Zeeburgereiland also immediately piqued the interest of the neighbors across the street, Dynamo’s Pavilion C, who are also pursuing the accessibility of fresh and affordable food. This is where a great collaboration lies ahead. And that begins with the relocation of our pickup point to Pavilion C. From Feb 21 on all pickups take place there.

Do you live nearby and want to join too? You can, you can start any week, just order before Thursday 10:00 am.

Would you like to start your own Operation Food Freedom pickup point? Then become a Food Hero too and sign up on the OFF website! There are also hubs in Utrecht Overvecht and Wageningen.

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