Eurest and Local2Local: the new normal is local

The short food supply chain has gained much relevance over the past year and has matured in the dominant world of catering, hospitality and retail. With growing awareness of the need for a future-proof and socially responsible food system, caterer Eurest (Compass Group) and Local2Local have become partners to structurally incorporate the rich food offerings of local farmers and producers into Eurest’s kitchens and restaurants.

Local2Local supplies the freshest, fairest and most delicious products, offers experiential activities and facilitates cooperation with farmer collectives in the Dutch regions. In addition to Local2Local producers in the Utrecht and West Betuwe region, more than 230 primary producers from Groenehart Coöperatie, Vereniging Flevofood, Boeren van Amstel, ProeVkantoor (North Holland), Dapper Texel and Stichting Noordzeevis IJmuiden have now joined this collaboration, with more regions to follow in 2022.

Eurest and Local2Local share the vision that a food system can be balanced through this close collaboration between buyers and farmers/producers. Shortening the food chain is a powerful tool to restore the connection between citizen and farmer, where the value of food can be fully realized.

This connection also provides good opportunities to work together towards sustainable economic, ecological and social goals. The short food chain has proven to be a serious development perspective for farmers and producers and a powerful way to get a grip on the environment.

Eurest and Local2Local want the customer to become part of the impact. This offers added value for all parties in the chain. Transparency and connection are important keys here, the foundation for the rollout of robust short chains that are unique in the Netherlands, within Europe and the world.

The new normal is local, you do it together!

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