Harvest Heroes 2022 – Reel #1

Earlier this summer (and for the 3rd year running), Local2Local Talents & Grounded put out a call to our community (of Utrecht University-students and other young people) for Harvest Heroes: picking pears and apples in Fruitbedrijf William Pouw‘s orchids in Schalkwijk, making a real positive impact on the environment, contributing to food safety and biodiversity..and getting paid fairly.

16 Heroes answered this call and from Aug 22nd until Sept 10th they roll up your sleeves / take off their shirts every day and get to work at the root of the food chain; harvesting organic apples and pears.

William Pouw is the hero behind super duper Super Juices, i.e. Utregs Supersap. He has been growing fruits organically for many years and shares his experience and methods with this group of Harvest Heroes. For example, how ladybugs act as defenders of the fruit and thus form a natural insect control.

Trust us when we say harvesting is also good for body and soul :-).

This is reel #1 of a series of videos we’re sharing about our Harvest Heroes who are currently working in William’s orchids.

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