Local2Local and Unisot announce partnership at BSV Global Blockchain Convention

The annual BSV Global Blockchain Convention (May 24-26 2022, Dubai) is the only event in the world that focuses solely on the massively scaling public blockchain ecosystem. It showcases the capabilities and wide range of applications that are possible on the BSV Blockchain.

BSV Blockchain can change the world and help people believe there is another way to achieve great things by creating valuable, insightful and engaging conventions that educate and inform. Our convention is the avenue for big ecosystem announcements, new product launches, core tech updates, keynote speeches, panels and fireside chats from global industry leaders.”

Mark Frederiks, CEO of Amped and Local2Local, was one of the speakers on day two, on the topic of ‘Food Supply Chain & Blockchain‘. Stephan Nilsson of Unisot introduced and announced Local2Local and Unisot’s partnership, and Mark emphatically made the case for Local2Local’s local/regional food system approach and Unisot’s BSV-platform as ultimate instrument to facilitate and regenerate agriculture and restore the relationship between farmers and citizens.

You can watch his moment on stage from the 6 hr 10 min timestamp.

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