Meeting ‘Robust Rollout of a Regional and Regenerative Food System in the AMA’

On Wednesday, April 5th, the existing and some new participants of the AMA rollout met at the Amstel Campus of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam for an in-depth session of the collaboration, to reflect and take steps with the joint activities.

The group was welcomed by André Knol and Dirk van der Beek and they explained why we are organising and deepening this together. Mark Frederiks presented the afternoon’s program:

  • a regional, regenerative food system in the AMA and building trust;
  • explanation of the event calendar, progress, updates and deepening of the cases.

For the introductory part with especially the new participants, we played the Mycelium game again.

Many updates followed from the group. A few had the opportunity to explain in a little more detail in a short presentation.

In the second part of the afternoon, participants brought in several cases with help questions to the group.

At the conclusion, they looked ahead to the next meeting, with an eye toward the practical convergence of activities and the calendar of events.


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