Rollout Strategy of a Robust, Regional and Regenerative Food System in the AMA

On Friday, Dec. 3, 2021, the time had come: Amped/Local2Local organized the kick-off event ‘Activating the robust short chain in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region‘ in the Food Forum of the Floriade Expo. Here we presented what has already been achieved for a healthy and sustainable regional food system, in cooperation with dozens of partners, and what still remains to be done.

The rollout plan is available for interested parties at

This special meeting took place partly physically and partly via live stream. Watch the integral video recording of the entire meeting, go to the specific program sections in the play bar.

00:00 – 00:38 : welcome speech Maarten Klop, Local2Local
00:38 – 03:14 : presentation HRH Prince Carlos de Bourbon de Parme on the social urgency and experiences from the food transition after World War II
03:35 – 11:07 : presentation Jan-Nico Appelman, deputy (CDA) of the Province of Flevoland on the role and plans of Flevoland
11:50 – 31:51 : presentation Mark Frederiks of Amped / Local2Local, on what has already been achieved in the field of logistics, IT offerings, cooperation with farmer networks and ongoing projects
33:57 – 38:31 : video presentation Taste the Zuidas / launch Let’s Get Local in CIRCL Oct 27, 2021
38:37 – 01:31:53 : reflecting with farmers at the table, what have we already done? Participants: Boeren van Amstel, Groene Hart Cooperatie, Vereniging Flevofood, Local2Local, ProeVkantoor
01:31:54 – 01:35:49 : video Utregs Supersap
01:35:51 – 02:03:44 : Erik Koldenhof, Program Manager Food Strategy of the Municipality of Amsterdam, explains the role of Amsterdam so far and shares a view of the future in relation to the robust rollout of the regional food system
02:03:48 – 02:21:15 : explanation of the roadmap of the rollout plan in the MRA by Mark Frederiks. Initiation of phase 2 of the roadmap, with follow-up steps towards Floriade Expo 2022
02:21:41 – 02:58:43 : At the table for a group discussion with some key partners about the rollout in the MRA: Xander de Bruine of Floriade Expo 2022, Manon Klein of Impact Hub, Alexander Laarman of AMS Institute, Edwin Veldhuijzen of Groene Hart Cooperatie, Dirk van der Beek of Dapper Texel and Melika Levelt of Hogeschool Amsterdam.

With special thanks to: Provincie Flevoland Floriade Expo 2022 City of Amsterdam Provincie Noord-Holland Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS Institute)Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences Utrecht University Utrecht School of the Arts Impact Hub Amsterdam Hello Zuidas Compass Group Gorillas Vereniging FlevoFood Groene Hart Streekproducten Boeren van Amstel ProeVkantoor Dapper. Texel.

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