Voedselbank Utrecht & Local2Local

Voedselbank (Food Bank) Utrecht has been working with Local2Local since 2020 to provide more fresh food in its packages, supplied by Local2Local’s collaborating farmers and producers in the Utrecht, West Betuwe, Groene Hart, Flevoland and North Holland regions.

Voedselbank Utrecht supports people with a food package. We do that at 8 locations in the city, with more than 100 volunteers. Every week. Our mission: for each other, against food waste. Voedselbank Utrecht has district-based food banks and specifically targets people in Utrecht who live at or around the social minimum and are in financial need.”

Are you willing and able to help Voedselbank Utrecht? You can do so simply by sharing this video and also go to www.voedselbankutrecht.nl and check out the possibilities. Thank you!

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