The next generation consults on the future of local food

On Thursday, April 11th, the Global Sustainability Science students of Utrecht University presented their results of the consultancy project. They have done a fantastic job advising AmpedLocal2LocalGrounded and Groentetas on developing a just, participatory food system on the campus of Utrecht Science Park.

Thanks for the effort, Teuntje van LieshoutCamille Velten, @Claire Hermsen, @Jera Termorshuizen, @Sophia Paatsch, Birgit KoningsQuirine PostmaEva Marije LatupeirissaJulia Thiescheffer, Alyssia Grubb and @Hanna Rotman!

Your advice helps us with the continuation of Grounded Kitchen and the scaling up of Groentetas, to make healthy, local food accessible on campus, and how we can make use these good food points to engage and empower motivated students to work and research opportunities in the network of partners working on a regenerative food system.

This was the 4th year being a ‘client’ for the GSS consultancy course, and each time it is just fantastic to see the motivation and creative ideas from the students. You are the future!

Mentoring many students through Local2Local Talents remains one of the most fun parts of our work. Thanks Maria FritzLucie JeandrainMark Frederiks for developing this together.

Thank you for the constructive collaboration with the UU, Brian DermodyCharlotte BallardIris MatharJoost VervoortJulia TschersichSimone Pekelsma and Rene Kwant!

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