HU students Minor The Livable City: Tour du Boer company outing

In November 2021, an enthusiastic group of HU students from the minor The Livable City (De Leefbare Stad) gathered at Amped’s office at Fort bij ‘t Hemeltje. Bastiaan, Julia, Marc, Marjolein and Nina set to work on Amped’s assignment to develop a sustainable corporate event in the Utrecht region for Local2Local.

Their advantage was that they could draw inspiration from the assignments that students from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and VU Amsterdam had previously carried out for Local2Local in relation to mobility, tourism and agriculture around the Defence Line of Amsterdam.

Together with Maarten Klop of Amped, the ideas from this inspiring brainstorming session were put on paper and they set to work.

[Mid Nov] “We were invited to Fort Nieuwersluis for an inspiring meeting of Utrecht Food Freedom, where we had conversations with other active people of the fort and food network. This with the mission to reconnect citizens with the farmer and food. The atmosphere was casual and cozy with homemade cakes and delicious coffee. We had already met Jacoline of ‘Cycling for my Food’. Her bike tours fit in tremendously with our company outing. Time flew and it was time to pitch. Pitch? I was startled for a moment. Jacoline and I had exchanged a lot about corporate outings and the local farmers of ‘Cycling for my Food’. “Come, let’s do it together,” Jacoline said. Okay, then, and there we went on stage. The pitch was ready and before we knew it….we were standing with one of voucher of 750 euros in our hands. The collaboration was sealed!”

[Late Nov] “Not much later, we got to visit one of Josse Haarhuis’ Buitengewone Varkens (Extraordinary Pigs) locations. Josse works with Local2Local, so he was an important ‘stakeholder’ for us. In a short interview, we heard more about his mission and working methods. Extraordinary Pigs is all about circularity and a natural environment. For example, the feed comes from residual streams and the pigs have more space than at an organic pig farmer.”

[Mid-Dec] “How cool! We had puzzle pieces for the Tour du Boer quiz lasered into wood! The quiz is part of the company outing, which participants can play as a team along the way. A local outing, with local food and a game made by a local woodworker. Bam!”

[Jan 15, 2022] Radio interview on Omroep Houten!
Every week the DJs of Enthousiasper call someone connected to Cycling for my Food, Krommerijnstreek, focusing each week on a different local initiative and focusing on local entrepreneurs.

In this episode, the DJs call Nina, Julia and Marjolein from the Hogeschool in Utrecht to discuss their school assignment! Listen back to the whole interview here or below!

[Jan 28, 2022] “Last Friday was the day, we handed over our final product to the collaboration partners! The final product is a manual for the Tour du Boer company outings. And that includes several (physical) products, including the orange boxes and buses you see in the picture. We conclude this half year with a proud feeling, a beautiful final product and an experience richer!

Are you still looking for a fun company outing? Tour du Boer is really going to run under the leadership of Christie de Vrij of ‘Cycling for my food’ Krommerijnstreek and Local2Local!!! Keep an eye on their website and social media for updates!”

The collaboration was very nice, everyone! You did a sterling job and we are especially happy with the valuable connections you made to arrive at this final product. Indeed, spring is just around the corner :), so more about Tour du Boer soon!

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