Speeding up towards a circular system

Mark Frederiks of Local2Local/Amped participated in the panel discussion “Full Circle – Accelerating to a Circular System” at Circl during the Week of the Circular Economy on Tuesday, Feb. 7, at the invitation of Pakhuis de Zwijger: “How do we accelerate the transition to a fully circular system this year? We are in the middle of it: the biggest economic transition of modern times.”

The Netherlands has a goal of doubling the circular share of the economy within seven years, from 25% today, to 50% by 2030. A gigantic task. How are we going to do it?

The panelists

  • Valérie van ‘t Lam, a lawyer and partner in environmental law at Stibbe, is an expert on European laws and regulations.
  • Gijs Diercks is a researcher at DRIFT and applies insights from transition science to practice.
  • Mark Frederiks, director of Amped and Local2Local is active in circular practice on many fronts.
  • Sonny Duijn, sector economist at ABN AMRO, specializes in circularity from the bank’s perspective.
  • Peter Gersen is co-founder of Ex’tax and advocates a reversal of the tax system in which taxes on labor go down and those on natural resources go up.

That things have to change is clear. That it can be done differently is demonstrated by three entrepreneurs. They tell their inspiring story, share best practices and take you through how they cleared the big hurdles on the way to circularity.

Watch the panel discussion.

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