NEW: Dapper. Investing together in Texel!

Amped & Local2Local introduce Dapper.Texel
Dapper.Texel is an initiative of Jan-Willem Bakker, Arjen Boerhorst and Dirk van der Beek from Texel. They put their keen heads together and contacted Local2Local. Together we developed Dapper.Texel.

An important reason why we love Texel is its special landscape. The dunes, the Slufter, the mud flats. The tuunwallen, the sheep pens, the kolken with their special vegetation. We support the brave farmers who dare to take a course in which they not only invest in their own business, but also in the future of the island of Texel. Who do not opt for just an increase in scale, but choose a nature-inclusive business model and the ambition to close cycles.

Dapper. farmers

  • are transparent in their operations and pricing and work together to shorten the chain and restore the connection between citizen and farmer;
  • are engaged in landscape protection, such as maintaining garden walls, gullies and sheep pens and installing wooden dam fences;
  • engage in landscape and bird management through the agricultural nature association De Lieuw;
  • participate in annual monitoring of the botanical composition of some of their plots;
  • are looking together for ways to be more nature-inclusive and circular;
  • strive for animal feed that comes from their own farm or from the region;
  • enter into cooperation with companies from other sectors with the aim of closing the cycles;
  • strive to reduce the use of commonly used pesticides by using natural preventatives and medicines;
  • have themselves guided by an expert at least twice a year;
  • invest and collaborate in attracting and developing talented young people for sustainability challenges.

Dapper.Texel offers farmers on Texel a new perspective. Amped and Local2Local support the brave farmers of Texel who dare to invest in the future of Texel.

To kick off Dapper.Texel, Jan-Willem Bakker of sheep farm de Waddel & Arjen Boerhorst of sheep farm De Hoge Kamp invite you to choose real Texel lamb and to participate in the pre-sale!

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